High Stakes Roulette – Which Operators have the Highest Table Limits?

Are you looking for a roulette table with high limits, for the most exciting playing experience? Perhaps you enjoy playing with progressive strategies and are struggling to keep doubling your bets due to low table limits. Whatever your reason for wanting to find a table with high betting limits, here you will find the online casinos where you can play roulette with the highest stakes. You will also discover why there are no tables that are truly without a limit.

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Reasons for Playing with Higher Limits

Playing Roulette with High Stakes Increases the Thrill and ExcitementThere are a couple of reasons why players may seek roulette tables with high limits. Of course, there is the thrill that comes from playing with big money. In just one spin, you can win (or lose!) more than most people have to work an entire month to earn. Another reason is linked with roulette strategies. If you play using a progressive system, such as the Martingale strategy, then you are often limited to the amount of times you can double your bet before you reach the maximum table limit. There is, however, another consideration regarding the use of the Martingale strategy and that is the range between lowest and highest table limits.

Live Roulette – the Tables with the Highest Limits Online

If you look at roulette table limits at online casinos, it is clear to see that they do not reach particularly high. Whilst there are numerous tables with low limits, you will be hard pushed to find tables that exceed limits of £1000. There is an exception to the rule, however, and that is live dealer games.

Live casinos often provide options to cater to high rollers who want to play roulette with high stakes. You can usually find tables with upper limits in the tens of thousands of pounds. You can also find dedicated VIP and exclusive tables, where the maximum limits are even higher still. What’s more, it is more entertaining to play with real dealers when you are betting large amounts of money. Of course, not every live casino can offer such high limits. It is therefore important to pick an operator with the right live game provider to meet your requirements and playing style.

Online Roulette
Roulette Table Limits are Relatively Low at Online Casinos
Roulette tables at online casinos generally offer low betting limits. There are few variants that provide high upper table limits. If you want to place higher bets in online roulette, live games are a better choice.
Live Roulette
Live Roulette Games Provide High Table Limits
Generally speaking, when playing roulette online, the highest table limits are available in live games. There are also some exclusive tables with limits that will meet the requirements of the most experienced high rollers.

The Difference in Limits Between Live Casino Providers

When it comes to live games, there are several developers who provide these games to online casinos. The stand out providers, whose games you will find at the best live casinos include Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming, Microgaming and MediaLive. The types of games and the range of table limits differ from one provider to another. It is also worth noting that some casinos have exclusive tables, which are only available to their customers. Such tables can have much higher upper limits than others. Take for example the Exclusive Salle Privé table at William Hill Live Casino (provided by Evolution Gaming) which has a maximum table limit of a massive £500k.

Roulette Betting Limits of Well Known Live Casino Providers

The highest table limits are provided by Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. There are also some exclusive tables from Playtech that have high limits. Microgaming are similar. Most of their live games have relatively low limits across the board compared to other providers, yet there are some exclusive tables with higher limits.

As well as the differences in the games and their betting limits between the various suppliers, there are also significant differences when it comes to quality. Microgaming exclusively provides games with Playboy dealers, yet despite this unique feature, the quality of their live games falls far behind the other providers. At the other end of the spectrum, Evolution Gaming boasts exceptional video quality across their range of live games. They even offer HD streaming in some games, such as the EGR Game of the Year 2014, Immersive Roulette. This game includes multiple camera angles and slow motion close-ups of the ball as it comes to land on the winning number.

Examples of the Difference in Video Stream Quality of Various Live Casino Providers

As for the other live game providers, their overall quality is at a good level, but you may find a limited game selection. With all things considered, Evolution Gaming is by far the best choice when it comes to live games. They have a large and interesting game selection with excellent streaming quality. It is hardly surprising that they have been awarded Best Live Casino Supplier 6 years in a row. The best online casino with live games from Evolution Gaming is 888 Casino. The operator has earned the award for Casino of the Year numerous times – a perfect combination for high rollers.

The Best Casino with Live Games from Evolution Gaming is 888
  • Table limits up to £40,000
  • Includes Immersive Roulette
  • Game of the Year 2014
Live Casino of the Year 2010 – 2015

Why are there No Roulette Tables Without Limits?

Try as you may, you will never find a roulette table which has no maximum betting limit. There are some who think that this is to prevent players from using the Martingale strategy effectively. If there were no table limit, then, in theory, a player with an unlimited balance could use this strategy to guarantee risk-free profits as they play. Yet, on the contrary, the casino has little to lose when their customers use this strategy. Say for example a player starts with a £1 bet, loses 20 games in a row, doubling their bet each time, and then wins £1,048,576. In actual fact, the operator ultimately loses just £1, as the player has already bet and lost £1,048,575.

Whilst it can be argued that table limits are imposed in order to limit the strategy to a certain degree, in actual fact, it is a simple case of risk management on the casino’s part. An operator always needs to be in the financial position to be able to pay out winnings to its players. Of course, the casino always has the advantage in all games, but the house edge is incredibly small in roulette. Without a table limit, there is always the possibility that a lucky player could place a huge bet and win. Casino operators do not have unlimited cash to immediately hand out payments in the millions, therefore, the table limits ensure that players cannot win more than the operator can afford to pay out.

Maximum Wins and the Different Meanings of Table Limits

So the maximum table limits ensure that an operator can afford to pay out any wins made by players. As there are different payouts for the various types of bets in roulette, there are often limits set on each individual type of bet as well. As straight up bets (bets on a single number) have a payout of 35:1, you will usually find that the maximum stake allowed will be much lower than bets on simple chances (i.e. red/black, odd/even, high/low), which have a payout of 1:1 Generally, if you calculate the maximum payout across each bet type, you will end up with around the same profit from each different type of bet.

Different Limits Apply to the Various Types of Bets at a Roulette TableA table limit can be expressed as the overall limit across all bet types or the maximum limit for straight up bets only. For example, where a live roulette table limit is £40000, this does not necessarily mean you can wager £40k on an even odds bet. Instead, this is the total that can be bet per spin, on all combinations of numbers, with a maximum limit allocated to each type of bet. In this example, this could be a maximum stake of £2400 on simple chances and £200 on a single number. Other providers may display the maximum straight up bet on the table. Yet when you access the breakdown of the table limits, you will see the limits for all other types of bet and the overall maximum bet per spin. Those of you who want to make high wagers need to look out for the 2 types of limits, and not simply judge it at face value.